Dr. Mark Hennessy

Dr Mark Hennessy Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Joon Lee

Dr Joon Lee Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Sophie Lee

Dr Sophie Lee Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Zacarias Gutierrez

Dr Zacarias Gutierrez Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Steve Channey

Dr Steve Channey Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Stanley Jones

Dr Stanley Jones Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Jim Norad

Dr Jim Norad Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Guy Poovendran

Dr Guy Poovendran Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Carrie Carda

Dr Carrie Carda Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Jennifer Matthesen

Dr Jennifer Matthensen Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Marc Harris

Dr Marc Harris Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Andrew Lipton

Dr Andrew Lipton Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Sanjeev Goel

Dr Sanjeev Goel Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Daniel Goodman

Dr Daniel Goodman Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Jerry Lewis

Dr Jerry Lewis Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Didier Potdevin

Dr Didier Potdevin Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Diego Allende

Dr Diego Allende Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Joseph Doctora

Dr Joseph Doctora Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Olmedo Sousa

Dr Olmedo Sousa Regenestem Training Testimonial

Dr. Aixa Rodriguez

Dr Aixa Rodriguez Regenestem Training Testimonial

D. Enrique J Mariani

Will these Regenestem training courses help you improve in your practice or profession?

Is what you learn worth the cost of participating in this program? You bet. But don’t take our word for it. Here is what several highly educated professionals had to say about Regenestem Training Courses, located at several worldwide locations.

Dr Leonardo Hiagashi

“Studies have shown that Mesenchyne Regenestem is present in tissue where acute injury has occurred. These Regenestem aids in regenerating healthy cells and leads to scarless regeneration of cells. I’ve gotten quite a bit of hands-on experience and the lectures have been excellent. The instructor is very well trained and has taught us well. I highly recommend this course.”

– Leonardo Hiagashi

Neurologist and Founder of Regenestem Brazil

Dr Jerry Leon M.D.

“Regenestem Training method is much different than other Regenestem procedures because it is less painful and more Regenestem may be harvested per unit volume. This allows doctors to use Platelet Rich Plasma and Regenestem fully to benefit patients. This is why Regenestem training can be a benefit to any doctor who wants to learn the necessary skills. This amazing Regenestem procedure can be completed in the doctor’s office.”

– Dr. Jerry Leon M.D.

Orthopedic Specialist – Puerto Rico

Dr Burton Feinerman, M.D.

“Regenestem training is simply using the technique to harvest the Regenestem the body naturally produces. Then, the harvested Regenestem is used to help the body fight cancer, osteoarthritis, and other physical ailments. It is a better medical treatment than others available because it is a natural treatment. No harsh poisons are used, nor are patients given anything they have to worry about their body rejecting.

This two-day training is intense because it is only two days, but by the end of the experience, doctors have valuable information to share with their patients and take back to their practices and clinics.”

— Burton Feinerman, M.D.

Founder of Regenestem Regenmed and owner of stemcellregenmed.com, New York

Dr Jane Cases M.D.

“The Regenestem training course was an excellent resource of information and practical “hands-on” experience. Being an endocrinologist I found the clinical studies being done with adipose-derived Regenestem and diabetes type 2 patients quite fascinating. I thought it was important for me as a physician to be trained in Adipose Regenestem technology and make it available for my patient base.”

– Dr. Jane Cases MD, Marietta, Ohio

Dr Jose David Suarez, M.D.

“The learning has been hands-on and the knowledge that we gained has been something we just couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.”

– Jose David Suarez, M.D.

M.D. Chief of Staff at Larkin Hospital and Owner of Pinecrest Medical Spa Miami, FL

Dr Jose Martinez Ebell

“I have been looking for the past year to find the most complete Regenestem course in the world. After hours of searching on the internet I came across www.stemcelltraining.net I looked over their course curriculum and found it to be the most comprehensive curriculum offered. I felt the ‘hands-on’ part of the course was the most attractive for me because I knew that if I could actually do the process in the course it would be much easier for me to go back to my practice in Peru and actually perform the procedure. The trainer Maritza was very helpful and always made herself available to answer any doubts or questions I had during the course”

– Dr. Jose Martinez Ebell

Dr Amilcar J. Correa Metairie

“I have been practicing neurology for the past 40 years and over that time conventional medicine has failed to provide the proper treatment for many neurological diseases. I have always been intrigued by cellular medicine and this past July I decided to take a leap of faith and see what new options there are available to patients. After taking the two-day intensive course I was amazed to see how this procedure can be done in your own office and the effects it has on patients. I highly recommend the course to any physician who is interested in giving their patients an alternative treatment with solid scientific evidence that does truly work.”

– Dr. Amilcar J. Correa Metairie, Louisiana

D. Enrique J Mariani

“The reason for my e-mail is that I would like to express how impressed I was with the training this past weekend in Buenos Aires. Upon my return home and reviewing all the materials that were given to me I am very certain that this new procedure will change the way I practice medicine. As a physician, I am always looking for cutting-edge protocols in regenerative medicine and I would like to receive any future news or developments in Regenestem. Thank you, Enrique J. Mariani ” – D. Enrique J Mariani