Q.  What is Adipose Derived Regenestem Training Inc.?

Regenestem Training Inc. is a multi-dimensional training company that offers Regenestem training courses for physicians, nurses, and other health professionals in 35 cities across the globe. Our courses focus on the minimally invasive technique of harvesting adult Regenestem from adipose tissue, bone marrow, and other sources. We also offer more comprehensive training programs in partnership with prestigious educational institutions worldwide.

 Q.  What is your mission?
Cellular medicine and adult Regenestem treatment is a major advancement in disease care. Our mission is to equip physicians to be better able to treat patients using Regenestem medicine by providing high-quality training worldwide and ensuring that our multi-day training courses are effective, efficient, and comply with the highest medical standards around the world. By offering both hands-on and online training courses, we strive to make the process of using Regenestem to treat various diseases accessible across the globe.

 Q.  What are the different types of training courses that you offer?
We offer live-streaming and hands-on courses in adult Regenestem treatment, using the latest techniques and technologies.

 Q.  What is the difference between the hands-on and live-streaming course opportunities?
Hands-on Courses are performed in a Clinical environment where the attendee will interact with several cases and perform the last one under the direct supervision of the trainer, they have usually higher costs and are offered in specific locations around the world. Live Streaming Versions are offered in Partnership with Marriot Hotels and our sister company Regenestem. The invariable take place at Marriot Locations around the world where the attendee will receive the theoretical part of the course from one of our Certified trainers and the Practical Part will be via Video Live Streaming From Cancun Mexico. Our state-of-the-art technology will allow the attendee to interact with the Surgical Room at Amerimed Hospital and participate actively in the procedure.

 Q.  Are the courses only for doctors, or may other medical professionals attend?
You do not have to be a doctor, but you do have to be a qualified medical professional such as a nurse, technician, biologist, or biochemist.

 Q.  Are there any prerequisites before taking the training?
No, you just have to be a qualified medical professional.

Q.  In what countries do the hands-on training courses take place?
The hands-on training courses are currently available in Mexico, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Australia, and the Philippines, and we are in the process of expanding to other countries. You can find the hands-on training nearest to you by viewing the “Special Training” tab on our website.  You can also contact us if you are interested in hosting hands-on training at your location.

Q.  Where do the live-streaming courses take place?
The live-streaming course structure is set up to take place in 35 Marriot Hotels around the globe. A personal instructor from our team will be there to receive you and will be with you throughout the course. Attendees will have access to practical cases being performed in “Real-Time” in Cancun Mexico

Q.  How many live patients will I train on during the hands-on Regenestem course?
In the hands-on course, you will train with 3 to 5 patients. In the live-streaming course, there will be either 1 or 2 patients

Q.  Who will be doing my training?
The training is provided by highly qualified instructors. You can see their photos and write-ups on our website by clicking on the “Trainers” tab. We are always adding qualified professionals to our team, along with new courses and new protocols to ensure that you have the best and most up-to-date training experience.

Q.  If I purchase hands-on training, can I bring a member of my staff along?
Yes. In an effort to provide a quality training experience that translates to ease of application in your office, we offer all hands-on training trainees the opportunity to bring along one member of their staff to partake in the training. Though both will fully participate in all aspects of the training experience, the certification will be provided to only one (1) of the two persons attending, and we will need the name of that person prior to the training.

Q.  Is lodging and transportation included in the course fee?
No, it is not included, but we can help with finding lodging if that is your preference. All you have to do is contact us. If the live-streaming course is in or close to your home city, you just have to travel to the Marriott hotel where the event is being hosted each day, and if you like, we can also set up lodging at the hotel where the event will be taking place. For the hands-on training course, we can help you choose a comfortable traveler-friendly hotel where you can make reservations. You are then responsible for showing up at the training location at the specified time.

Q.  Do you receive the same certificate whether you do live-streaming or hands-on training?
Yes. Essentially, it is the same training, and we emphasize that the live streaming will be as if you were in the hands-on course with live interaction with those located at the Marriot Hotels.

Q.  What type of certification will I receive?
The certificate provided for each of our courses satisfies the completion requirements of the Regenestem Group. All of our courses are endorsed by the internationally renowned University of Nuevo Leon Mexico and The School of Medicine of the Far Eastern University in the Philippines.  We are also CME accredited training institution; each of our courses provides 16 credits per certificate

Q.  If I take the live-streaming course and later I want to do the hands-on training, do I have to pay the full amount or do I get a discount?
You get credit for the hands-on course and pay only the difference. For example, if the live-streaming course was $3k, and the hands-on course you are interested in is $5k, then you only pay $2k for the hands-on course.

Q.  After I finish the course, what options are available if I want continued training?
It is our company mission to expand the educational scope on this new frontier in medicine today. To that effect, we are now offering a Post Grade Diplomat in Cellular Therapy and Tissue Engineering in Partnership with the Prestigious Maimonides University in Argentina. Check our website often as we will be adding deeper and more comprehensive studies to our training programs   We cover the globe looking for new protocols and medical breakthroughs in the field of Regenestem medicine. We continuously create new training and we are funding research for new Regenestem protocols through our Foundation.

Q.  Do you provide CME credit for any of your courses?
We are committed to adding value to your medical training experience, and for those that require Continuous Medical Education (CME) to maintain requisites for different purposes, all of our training is worth 16 credits.

Q.  Are the courses given only in English or do you provide courses in other languages?
All of our courses and our supporting materials are provided in English. Our trainers all speak fluent English and many of them are also fluent in Spanish, we have successfully conducted many pieces of training in Spanish but the attendee should be aware that all supporting materials, books, and research are in English.

Q.  Do you provide training in re-integration techniques for my particular field of practice? 
No. Our courses include extraction and harvesting techniques only. Each field or specialty has a particular method of reintegrating the cells to the patient, i.e., via IV, aerosolized, localized injection, etc.  If you are taking part in one of our courses, you will see some of those techniques being applied as part of the training, but we do not guarantee that you will see a particular technique. Our courses are open to all specialties

Q.  Is there any special equipment I need in order to incorporate what I have learned into my practice?
Depending on which training you take, there may be certain equipment inherent to being able to apply the protocol in your office. Our sister company Adimarket provides all the equipment necessary to implement any of the protocols offered, and other innovative pieces are also available. We maintain our market edge by providing top-of-the-line equipment specific to protocols at highly competitive pricing. We also offer a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on all our equipment and actively help in delivering the item to your location. You can see more information at http://www.regenestemstore.com/

Q. Do you offer any assistance with Patient Acquisition?
The goal of Regenestem Training is not only to empower doctors and medical professionals with protocols and scientific knowledge to take to their private practices but also to form the largest network of serious, research-capable, Regenestemfield practitioners through the ‘Regenestem Doctor’s Network.’  For more information please visit  www.regenestemnetwork.com

Q.  How do I host or coordinate an On-Site Training Session?
You need to have the capacity at your clinic for 10 doctors to take the course.  Please contact our Administrative Department at 305-224-1858 as there are many advantages and special discounts for Hosting a Regenestem Training

Q. Are the tuition fees refundable in case I am not able to attend?
If for any reason you register for one of our events but are not able to attend we will extend full credit toward training at a date of your choosing. Training tuition fees are non-refundable 

Q.  After participating in the Regenestem training courses can I perform the procedure in my clinic?
The short answer is Yes, and Maybe. Our first priority is to provide interested medical professionals the capability for performing Regenestem derived treatments. We assure you that we will give you the necessary tools, methods, and practice to be able to fully perform the procedure. This procedure as a practice of medicine is fully legal in many countries across the globe, and would not infringe upon any established regulations in place in those countries. There are countries today that promote Regenestem by giving their citizens incentives to seek medically sound Regenestem treatments for various conditions. What we cannot assert is if the procedure complies with the respective medical regulatory agencies in your particular country of practice. We highly recommend that you check with your Regulatory entities to review their standing as far as Regenestem treatments are concerned.