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Interactive Training

Regenestem training Inc. offers a two -day interactive training course on Extraction and the Re-integration of adult stem cells dervied from adipose tissue, bone marrow, amd peripheral blood. All techniques and materials used in the training courses are accompanied with detailed protocols including a Step by Step High Definition videos of the Procedures, case studies, stadard operating procedures, and consent forms.

Interested in taking Regenestem Training courses?

We have conducted courses in 33 cities positioned in strategic locations around the World. Courses are offered with direct “hands-on experiance” Included in your course fee we allow you and a member of your staff to participate. Training sessions are flexible and our trainers can schedule one-on-one or on-site training sessions on request.

What is included in the two-day training sessions?

1-Hands On Version Physicians will be able to interact with several cases and perform the last one under the supervision of an instructor. Attendees will also receive a high-definition video of the procedures, protocols, case study materials, and standard operating procedures. To sign up for any of our Regenestem training courses or receive information on pricing and rates simply call (305)-224-1858.

Our protocols and course is a full two day seminar with not only intensive clinical training plus viewing actual live patients being treated&rsquo. These courses are designed to provide personalized instruction and to enable physicians to easily transfer essential techniques to their practices.

Other Services

However, this isn’t all the services we provide. We produce and distribute a full line of products, equipment and supplies necessary to perform Regenestem procedures in your practice. Please visit www.regenestemstore.com

You can become successful incorporating Regenestem protocols into your practice. We offer techniques designed to assist you in bringing new patients into your clinic and helping to retain them . Our knowledgeable staff at our Corporate Headquarters can pair potential patients who are waiting to receive care with physicians who have already received Regenestem Training. Ready to join other doctors who have already made the leap and are treating patients using Regenestem? Visit www.regenestemnetwork.com

This is your opportunity to increase your patient base and earning new revenue streams in your practice and make helping others a reality! To sign-up for Regenestem training courses, please call (305)-224-1858 today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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